Credits, cast and Crew

There are really no words of thanks that are strong enough for the people that made SharkDiver possible. WhatWeDo Media would like to acknowledge these people for their support, hard work and dedication to programming that bucks the trend of shark-porn propaganda. We hope this project is not only enjoyed by its viewers but that we continue to create this series with your support.

What We Do Media

Written and Directed by   Mark Tipple
Produced by Luke Tipple


Luke   cast-luke-tipple Luke Tipple imdb
Scott cast-scott-cassellScott Cassell imdb
Laura cast-christine-gavinCristine Gavinimdb
 Woody    cast-woodyIan 'Woody' Woodcock
 Aria    cast-aria-johnsonAria Johnson imdb

Production Team

Director of Photography
Underwater Director of Photography
2nd camera operator
Audio technician
Sound mix
Color grading
Additional footage
Art Direction
Legal Department
  Brad Halstead
Richard Theiss
Scott Cassell
Ryan Curry
Danny Bresnik
David Mann
John Hresc
Mozgomedia Venice, CA
Richard Theiss
Zander Vera
Sean Marks
Myman Abell Fineman Fox Greenspan Light LLP



Boat Crew

  Chista Ashti
Nathanial Bennett
Christie Fisher
Shereen Kalmikov
Dirk Lens
Ray Maker
Ryan Maker
Brian Marren
Todd Rogers
Christine Rogers
William Winslow
John Conniff
Jason Murphy
Greg Verissimo
Jack Krauszer
Rick the Chef

Special Thanks

Patric Douglas,
(check his site out for expeditions to see Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks)

Captains John Conniff, Shane Slaughter and the entire crew of the Islander
(Join them for an unforgettable great white shark diving trip this year!)

Passenger dive gear supplied by John Metzger at OEX Dive & Kayak, Thanks John, you rule!

Passenger photographic gear supplied by Martin Graf of Martin Graf Dive

Nadia Citlali Olivares Bañuelos and CONANP
for their dilligent work in protecting Isla Guadalupe

Adam Cagle and Zander Vera

Film permits
Financial contribution
Diver protection cages
Home scene location
Bar scene location
Office scene location
  Nadia Citlali Olivares Bañuelos
Janet Fraciscovich
Travis Thomas
Merrilee Johnson
The Captains Quarters
Invisible Children
Australian Production Assistance   Peter Ireland
Kyle Sellers
Ben Ferris
Michael McLennen

Bathys Watches Hawaii
Ocean Reef masks
Shark Shield

Extra Special Thanks

Lindy Tipple, we love you mum.

This film is dedicated in loving memory of Brett McGough.
A truly great ocean man who will forever be missed.